Sunday, May 29, 2011

all the colours meet on one shirt

Well, almost all colours..This colourful shirt caught my eye in one of the Mango stores. I liked that the colours are embroidered not printed. Only bad thing with embroidery is that you can only hand wash it. The pictures are taken in Lindos ancient ruins (if you are choosing which ruins to visit in Rhodes then these should be in the best condition).

Sellel Mango särgil on peaaegu kõik värvid olemas. Mulle meeldis see särk just seetõttu, et värvid olid särgile tikitud, mitte prinditud. Pildid on tehtud Lindose varemetes (kui keegi on valiku ees, et milliseid varemeid Rhodosel külastada, siis Lindose varemed peaksid olema kõige paremas seisukorras).


  1. original tank top - looks great ..

  2. Lovely photos! that tee is awesome!

  3. Such a cool color meeting!! .... Im following dear

    Kisses from

  4. this shirt looks adorable on you!!


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