Saturday, May 7, 2011


I was ill for 3 days and then I got enough..I couldn't be in the bed I went out with little fever yesterday to my friends birthday and today I feel so much better:)
Ma olin juba kolm päeva haige olnud ja nii tüdinud kodus voodis passimisest. Niisiis ma otsustasin eile minna haiguse kiuste oma sõbra sünnipäevale eile ja täna mul on oluliselt parem olla..vajasin vist veidi tuulutamist:)
 This jumper is from Monton. It is Estonian clothing company but it has shops in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Ukraine.

These curls are made with Philips curling iron:
 Curing breakfast (blueberries, whipped cream and chocolate):


  1. ..great outfit , especially I love the bag , very 70's inspired ..oooh yes , I remember Monton when I lived in Latvia , I think I had something from there but cant remember what exactly ..

    what a lovely morning treat :)

  2. omg, delicious breakfast! xx

  3. I guess a night out is good sometimes ;)
    -your outfit looks good on you!

    xx Christina. /

  4. love the green pants with the orange bag - i wear the same color combination all the time xx

  5. Love your bag!! And your breakfast... mmmm!!


  6. Mmm, see hommikusöök tundub väga ahvatlev :)


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