Thursday, April 21, 2011

Increasing the closet space

 A little branch of a apple tree, starting to blossom soon in my vase

For a while now I have had a problem where to put all the stuff I have. My wardrobe is built in a wall like a little private room, but it is nor very spacy and I don't have a good overview of my stuff. So I decided to buy myself a closet on wheels. I also bought new very lovely hangers.

Mul on juba mõnda aega olnud mure, et kuhu kõik enda asjad mahutada. Mu garderoob on seina sisse ehitatud kitsas ruum, kus mul tegelikult puudub hea ülevaade enda asjadest. Niisiis ma otsustasin osta endale stange ning sinna juurde leidsin üliarmsad riidest riidepuud.


  1. Nice! I just purged my closet. SOOO nice. Spring cleaning at it's best!

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. your hangers are so cute!! It looks like your closet is well organised now, I should take some time to do that too :)


  3. i love your hangers!!!inspires me to go back to redoing my closet




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