Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random photos in NY

 The view from the top of the Empire State Building.
Vaade Empire State Building katuselt.
 Free cookies...
Tasuta küpsised..

 The fuzzy picture from Katie Perry concert at Madisson Square Garden
Udune pilt Katie Perry kontserdist Madisson Square Gardenis.
 The fire escape..
Tuletõrje redel...see, mida filmides palju näha on:)
 Talking squirrel..
Rääkiv orav...
 A park they build on the railroad...
Park, mis on ehitatud vanale raudteele..
I stepped onto some movie or show making..
 Ma sattusin juhuslikult mingi saate filmimisele..
 NY Times Square
 This is how one Broadway Theatre (Winter Garden I think..) looks like inside..
Nii näeb välja üks Broadway teater seestpoolt...natuke nagu Väike Vanemuine.
Santa has a post office at Macys..
Jõuluvanal on Macys'e kaubamajas oma postkontor

Well, this is the last post about New York. Here are some photos I couldn't categorize to other posts:)

Niisiis, see on mu viimane postitus New Yorgist. Siin on mõningad suvalised pildid, mida ma ei oskanud teiste teemade alla panna:)


  1. beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

    Freaky Friday

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  2. Awesome photos!
    I Love your sweater :)
    Looks like so much fun. I still haven't been and I live in USA!!



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